The Hunger Games Movie

The Hunger Games Wallpapers


Are you a fan of The Hunger Games? Below are a number of great The Hunger Games wallpapers that are free for you download to use on your computer. Click on the picture below to get the full size image or click on the screen resolution links to get the perfect size for you. We have wallpapers of The Hunger Games Movie, The Hunger Games Capitol, Katniss, Peeta, Gale and we will be adding more so check back often for the latest additions. These … [Read more...]

The Hunger Games Official Trailer

The Hunger Games Official Trailer

Let the games begin! The Hunger Games, a best-selling young adult trilogy and soon to be a blockbuster movie is giving its fans a little taste of something that could be the beginnings of a blockbuster movie franchise. It's official, The Hunger Games movie trailer will preview at the MTV VMAs on Sunday, August 28. The Hunger Games has been cast and filming is underway in North Carolina. At this point in time there isn't an official … [Read more...]

The Hunger Games: The Second Quarter Quell


MainStay Productions is back with another amazing fan made video inspired by The Hunger Games. The Second Quarter Quell is a 12 minute video depicting the story of Haymitch during his time in the Arena. There are some very well done battle scenes and this short story does a great job of giving us some insight into Haymitch as well as what he went through in the Games. Maybe Woody Harrelson can take some pointers from this when finding his inner … [Read more...]

The Hunger Games Promotional Poster


While Lionsgate isn't ready to release the first movie trailer for The Hunger Games, they have released a promotional poster that sets the stage for some very intriguing things to come. A flaming mockingjay, a cross between Katniss' emblem and her girl on fire persona has come to life in this movie promotion. So until we get our first official trailer, check out the poster below and let us know what you think in the comments and on our facebook … [Read more...]

The Hunger Games Movie Cast

The Hunger Games Movie Cast

The Hunger Games movie is currently filming and is due to be release in March of 2012. Based on the best selling trilogy, The Hunger Games, Catching Fire & Mockingjay, Lionsgate is making plans for a film franchise with four movies. Because of the story's dedicated fan following, the internet has been buzzing with news as each and every character is cast for the movie. With the buzz fans have heavily critiqued director Gary Ross and writer … [Read more...]

The Hunger Games Movie—A Star Studded Cast

The Hunger Games Movie—A Star Studded Cast

Fans have shifted into acceptance mode after posting surges of fiery, opinion-laden comments on how their beloved The Hunger Games characters should be cast. The film’s director, Gary Ross, walks a fine line with devotees who feel territorial about the trilogy and want to see justice done to its characters onscreen. The Hunger Games producer, Nina Jacobson, initially told Entertainment Weekly, “I don’t think she [the girl who plays … [Read more...]

Peeta and Gale Have Been Cast.


After months of deliberation and fan voting on various polls across the internet, the three main stars of the upcoming film 'The Hunger Games' have been cast. Josh Hutcherson has been cast as Peeta Mellark and Liam Hemsworth has been cast as Gale Hawthorne. Similarly to the announcement of Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss, fans of the book series are split with excitement and skepticism over the choices made by Gary Ross, the film's … [Read more...]

At Last, Katniss Has Been Cast!


It was officially announced that Jennifer Lawrence will play the role of Katniss in the upcoming film The Hunger Games. Since the first announcement that The Hunger Games would be adapted into a movie, the series' die hard fans (think Twilight here people) have debated who should play the role. Websites with polls and plenty of opinions have sprung up everywhere as fans fight for their favorite choice to play this in demand role. Actresses and … [Read more...]