Primrose Everdeen

The Hunger Games Character Primrose EverdeenThe Hunger Games Character

Primrose Everdeen, the younger sister of Katniss, is the most important person in Katniss’ life. After their father was killed in a mining accident and their mother mentally withdrew from the world, Katniss’ main goal in life was to provide for her sister. Against improbable odds, Primrose’s name was chosen at the Reaping and in the blink of an eye Katniss is volunteering to take her place knowing that sure death awaits her.

“Prim is in her first reaping outfit, a skirt and ruffled blouse. It’s big on her, but my mother has made it stay with pins. Even so, she’s having trouble keeping the blouse tucked in at the back.”
-Katniss Everdeen

The Hunger Games Movie Actor

Willow Shields has been cast as Primrose Everdeen. From Albuquerque, New Mexico, Willow has previously acted in Beyond the Blackboard, a T.V. movie and also had a role in the T.V. series In Plain Sight.

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  1. avatar Margaret Diaz says:

    I extremely admire how beautiful Willow Shields is… :)

  2. avatar Rue says:

    i am the same age as Willow and she is my role model!

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